Dual Offline Wallet for China’s CBDC is ready to be tested


According to a statement by Changchun Mu, the director of the Chinese Institute of CBDC, China’s dual offline wallet for its CBDC has now been fully developed and is ready for testing. The introduction of this wallet is expected to be the follow up to the pilot, which took place on October 12. This phase […]

Now, Reserve Bank of New Zealand researching CBDC


Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Assistant Governor, Christian Hawkesby today elaborated on the Bank’s take on its own CBDC. In a speech, he told The Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand, that New Zealand would “remain open-minded” about the evolution of the technology of money and payments, but that the bank did not have any […]

Elliptic announces support for Singapore Dollar-backed stablecoin – XSGD


Elliptic, the crypto-asset risk management and blockchain analytics platform, announced today that the Singapore dollar-backed stablecoin, XSGD, has been added to its crypto-risk monitoring solutions to assure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) regulations. This announcement comes following the public release of StraitsX – the first Travel Rule-compliant stablecoin, […]

Tether is losing ground, but stablecoins supply peaks with $20 billion


This year witnessed close competition between major assets raking in great profits. However, the actors who also contributed to the smooth transfers of most major cryptos were stablecoins, which have also witnessed exponential growth in the year 2020. The total volume of stablecoins in circulation has reached $20 billion, as USDC carves a higher share. […]

Stablecoins’ half-yearly performance: Will Tether be overtaken anytime soon?


Stablecoins have become the “staple food” of the cryptocurrency industry as they make the on/off-ramp easier and faster. Hence, stablecoins play a vital role in understanding the health of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This article takes a look at the stablecoin market over the last 5 months and tries to understand the changes, be it an […]

Is Bitcoin’s low Stablecoin Supply Ratio enough for a price pump?


It is becoming increasingly difficult to justify an imminent bull run for Bitcoin based on market analysis. The largest digital asset has hardly budged from its consistent price of $9500-$8800 over the past couple of months but its fundamental metrics continued to remains bullish on its future. According to Glassnode’s recent weekly insights report, Bitcoin’s […]

Ethereum’s growth dominated by stablecoins, not Ether


Ethereum has been noting stagnated market growth since the Black Thursday crash back in March. Despite making a recovery and irrespective of Ethereum 2.0 approaching, the crypto’s price has been moving sideways. While the community speculates about many reasons for this, researcher Joel John recently highlighted the Fat protocol thesis for the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency […]