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Why CasperLabs

At CasperLabs we’re on a mission to explore blockchain’s next frontier. We’re building a platform that pulls all the pieces together — one that paves the way for a new era of equitable innovation. As we’ve progressed through milestone after milestone, we wanted to take some time to highlight the support behind our project and take a moment to share with the community the rationale behind the support. In this special Why CasperLabs series, you will be hearing from a circle of luminaries, innovators, and leaders on why they have joined us on the journey to help blockchain deliver real solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Ben Clarke

Moving forward with more editions to this series, we would like to introduce our community to Ben Clarke. Ben Clarke is the co-founder and partner at BlockMatrix Capital. Ben comes from a 20 year career in commercial and residential real estate investment. In 2015 Ben was introduced to the DLT and immediately saw the potential of blockchain. BlockMatrix Capital was founded in 2017 focusing on early stage investments in Layer 1 protocols and interoperability solutions. Hear from Ben below and how he believes CasperLabs is the solution that fills many gaps we currently face today.


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Hey everyone! I’m Ben Clark here from sunny San Francisco. I hope you’re all doing well today. I just wanted to take a quick moment and talk to you about a project that I’m super excited about, CasperLabs.

CasperLabs is a project that I’m advising and also have invested in. I found CasperLabs about a year ago and was really excited about what they’re doing with decentralized blockchains. They’re building a proof-of-stake fully decentralized blockchain based off of CBC Casper. It’s going to be the first truly scalable smart contract blockchain platform. It’s really something that is needed in the space right now, especially as we currently see with many of the problems with Ethereum, other blockchains, and other smart contract platforms that have been produced. We know that scalability is definitely the roadblock that’s stopping a lot of projects from building on top of blockchain. CasperLabs is going to be the solution for that.

The team is the other reason that really got me excited about this project. One of the successful factors that I find in blockchain solutions is having a team that can deliver not only on the technology side, but also can deliver on the business side of things. A lot of times you’ll have a project that is weighted on one or the other. The CasperLabs team that has been assembled is just far and above the best out there on all levels, on the business side and on the

technology side. They are hitting their roadmap, they’re hitting their deadlines, and everything they have promised has come on time. It’s just really exciting to be a part of and watch. The testnet and the mainnet that is scheduled to come out sometime this year and it’s something that I’m really looking forward to.

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