The Blue Protocol Team is Open Sourcing Their Security SDK. Good News for Ethereum! wrote:

Hello, guys.

The BLUE Protocol team has decided to open source the code to their security SDK.

The BLUE SDK features a set of security tools which make Ethereum-based products more secure than ever before.

Wallet creators and exchange owners will be able to integrate features like, fraud prevention, secure asset storage, smart contract and blockchain analysis, address white and blacklisting and many more security features to their products.

You can find full details about the SDK and project on their whitepaper

If you are interested in making the Ethereum network as secured as it can be, feel free to join the team on Github.

  1. Smart contract scanner & fuzz tester [Github]
  2. Ethereum network emulator [Github]
  3. Blue Protocol SDK [Github]
  4. Blue Standards Reference [Github]
  5. Blue Wallet [Github]
  6. ERC20 Standard Token [Github]

“You can also join the BLUE community on Telegram for more details.”

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