Into the Ether Livestream – Coronavirus impact on markets, Eth2 progress, money printing and DeFi [podcast]

David Hoffman, Mariano Conti, Preston Van Loon, Trent Van Epps, Justin Leroux and Andrew (cyber_hokie) hoped on a livestream with us to talk about a variety of Ethereum topics. We discussed the coronavirus impact on global and crypto markets. Then we hoped in to the current state of Eth2 as well as what’s on the horizon. We also talked about crypto narratives and if this is the time for crypto to shine as the world is printing money and finally we wrapped up with some talk about DeFi.

EthHub Weekly #106: Coronavirus impact continues, Ethereum wallet options, Gitcoin Grants round 5, USDC added to Maker, Dharma adds p2p payments, ETHDashboard introduced and what eth2 has learned from eth1

On the EthHub Weekly Recap we cover topics from the EthHub Weekly Newsletter. In this episode we discuss how the coronavirus continues to impact global markets, Eric’s blog post on Ethereum wallets, Gitcoin Grants round 5 goes live with $250k in matching, former Bakkt CEO has some questionable stock sells, USDC added to Maker, Dharma adds p2p payment option, ETHDashboard is introduced and what eth2 teams have leard from eth1.