? Grants | POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol)


Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce our first ever Gitcoin Grant application. If you’ve yet to experience some POAP magic – you may recall receiving an NFT badge at one of the many Ethereum events we’ve been blessed to partner with. Some highlights (in a visually appealing order) include: EthCC (Paris, France) Devcon (Osaka, Japan) Dappcon (Berlin, Germany) EthDenver (Colorado, USA) EthGlobal (Waterloo, Boston, Bangalore, London, etc) What is POAP? POAP – short for Proof of Attendance Protocol – provides event nomads with a way to verify their attendance through collecting digital badges, all of which live onchain. Each badge is unique, meaning that the only way to claim one is to physically (or digitally) receive it at the event. For those of you who love to flex all the Ethereum events you’ve attended over the past year, POAP is your ticket for ultimate crypto clout. It seems like people like to flex, as we’ve distributed roughly 7000 badges across more than 60 coveted events. Why Gitcoin Grants? While our journey has been incredible, what you might not know is that the entire project has been volunteer oriented, meaning we’ve funded everything – both time and money – in house. We’ve turned down ETH Killers and other avenues which we felt tarnished the purity of what we’re looking to build. This means that everything from gas cost wars to travel, distribution and dealing with Japanese customs accusing us of smuggling drugs has been out of pocket due to our love for Ethereum and the wider community. We’ve been lucky enough to work with and receive support from Ethereum’s best and brightest talents, all of which are highlighted in POAP’s journey since its creation at ETHDenver in 2019. While we’re extremely saddened by the fact that all of our events where we planned to bring our magic have been cancelled or postponed because of Covid-19, we won’t let it detour our wizardry! While in quarantine, we’ve been heads down working on adding new features, governance tools and enhanced swag to hit the Ethereum circuit in full force in the coming years! Using POAP we can: Host targeted airdrops to badge recipients of specific events Use badges as sentimental collateral for lending Allow badges to be used as proxy for special governance polls Partner with projects like Kickback for unique redemption schemas Crown the “Ethereum Vagabond” based on the number of events attended The possibilities are truly endless and we plan on using our Gitcoin Grant funding to help expand our ecosystem awareness and build out a suite of killer features to take the project to the next level. If you’ve ever gotten some POAP swag and want to express your appreciation, this is your chance! Any amount you donate (one time or recurring) is very welcome. Thanks! POAP Socials: Twitter (http://twitter.com/poapxyz) Telegram (http://t.me/poapxyz) Discord (http://poap.xyz/discord) Github (http://github.com/poapxyz) Website (http://poap.xyz) Reddit (http://reddit.com/r/poap) Medium (https://medium.com/@poap)