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The Defiant is the only news platform focusing on decentralized finance. It serves thousands of readers almost every day for the past nine months, and it’s on its way to becoming the media company the space needs. DeFi needs an information platform of the highest standard, to bring in wider audience of users, to highlight the best projects, to uncover scams, to break down mind-blowing complexities, to deliver data-backed insights, to give creators a voice. The financial system is being rebuilt and this revolution needs quality journalism. I started The Defiant with the firm belief that with my knowledge about Ethereum after writing The Infinite Machine, and years of experience covering markets at Bloomberg News, I was well-suited to create this platform. So I took the plunge. I left Bloomberg at the start of last year, and have been working on The Defiant full time alongside finishing my book. I’m incredibly grateful to all my subscribers, without whom this wouldn’t be possible, and now with Gitcoin Grants, I’m thrilled there’s a new way for readers to help build out The Defiant, scaling up the team (beyond just the chiefess at the moment) and delivering new content and community initiatives. Even 1 Dai goes a long way. With