How Are Stablecoins Changing The Financial Landscape With CorionX At The Forefront

A fierce battle is raging for your wallet. Your debit card and paper bills are no longer the preferred medium for exchange as new entrants strive to prompt a transitive phase. Adopting newer, more secure digital payment methods could bring several benefits to the customers and society. With CorionX being the captain at the helm, stablecoins are gathering endorsements from many leading financial institutions and banks who are recognizing the potential gains and widespread usability that the medium entails.

Stablecoins are witnessing a rise in their popularity. The espousal of digital currency and its types usually depends on their attractiveness as a store of value and flexibility in means of payment. As a result, stablecoins reflect broader financial inclusion, more innovation, greater competition, and improved efficiency. However, financial stability and integration risks, monetary policy effectiveness, stricter competition standards, and governance impede its induction into the global financial markets. 

While stablecoins allow seamless payments of blockchain-based assets and can be conveniently embedded into digital applications owing to their flexible architecture, the proprietary legacy system of banks is continually eroding. Correspondingly, the utilization of stablecoins to power payments reflects a shift in the transactional paradigm, making the process as straightforward as using social media. 

The most significant factors that affect a digital currency’s induction are scalability and cost. In this spirit, large technological firms with enormous global customers are increasingly offering ready-made payment networks to promote a user-centric design with stablecoins. With times changing and stablecoins garnering global attention, a widespread revolution is apparent. While many stablecoins continue to address claims from the issuing institutions or its underlying assets, many organizations also offer lucrative redemption guarantees at face value. For instance, a coin bought for 10 euros can be exchanged for a 10 euro bill, similar to a bank account transaction. 

New technologies are offering consistent opportunities to improve monitoring. However, stablecoin supervisors and companies backpedaling the change will need to adapt to a more fragmented and geographically diverse value chain of stablecoins. CorionX, with its platform scaling extensively, offers stablecoins that are derived from money market standards, ensuring customer fund protection and security. As a result, with fixed nominal returns, stablecoins investors and issuing authorities gain sufficient liquidity and capital. 

As many conundrums as stablecoins pose, the medium entails potential benefits that even end-users cannot ignore. Correspondingly, with stablecoins gaining traction, policymakers need to envision far-sighted regulatory regimes that will meet the incumbent challenges. The policies adopted today will mold the future and decide how these new entrants will dominate influence. Summarizing in one word #MoneyInTheRightDirection

A Token Enabling Stablecoin Adoption & DeFi Offerings

CorionX, along with its utility token, collectively stands for the widespread adoption and usage of stablecoins, CBDCs, cryptocurrencies, and Decentralized Finance DeFi solutions. With the transcendence from the conventional realm of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), trading on Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap reflect a relatively newer approach and a shift in the exchange platform paradigm. Corresponding to the increase in demand for these new financial entrants, CorionX is launching its utility token, listed as CORX on ProBit, Uniswap and Tokenizer. Beyond the standard goals, the objective is furthering the cause of digital currency induction and presenting a transitive approach to traditional payment methods. 

Investors and financial experts believe that anyone who is in the nascent stages of transacting digital currencies entails the potential to gain enormously owing to the underlying market advantage. For this reason, the Corion Foundation is set on creating a consistent infrastructure that facilitates routine induction of stablecoins, DeFi, and CBDCs. 

The token’s strategic launch may seem to be generic on the surface, but its robust structure and operability highlight more intricate features that an investor can gauge. With a mission to revolutionize the fundraising paragon, CorionX is on the move to transform the digital currency world with the inclusion of tokens on decentralized exchanges and revolutionizing the programmable money sector. 

Apparently, the conventional mediums of exchange are undergoing a change that is incumbent worldwide. As a result, leveraging the prevailing situation to achieve a global adoption will benefit projects that are on the lookout to gather non-institutionalized funds with an objective to expand infrastructure and scale the existing client base. 

CorionX strives to make available a platform that facilitates project inclusion while at the same time reflecting the stability and accessibility of stablecoins worldwide. By ensuring immaculately secured e-wallets and DeFi currencies, the CorionX token brings the realization of payments digitization one step closer. 

The CorionX token is reasonably suitable for tech startups and projects that are in the nascent stages and require extensive funding to scale their operations. Being one of the most influential and convenient crowdfunding methods, the CorionX token is empowering liquidity and influx of capital sizeably. 

By powering next-generation mobile payments through CorionX e-wallet, the foundation will prompt investors with detailed analysis and AI deduced recommendations. The project’s sustainable partnerships will enable affordable, instant, and highly scalable transactions via CORX and other ERC 20 tokens. Given the further extension of CORX token’s utility cases, CorionX is serving the best interests of the investor community while facilitating convenient listings and incentives on decentralized exchanges. 

CorionX: A New DeFi Project Aiming to Boost the Adoption of Stablecoins, DeFi and CBDCs

If you look at the DeFi ecosystem, you’ll find that there are few projects that aim to boost the overall adoption of stablecoins and other DeFi projects. Almost all of them strive to increase their own adoption by serving various purposes. And that is common not only to the DeFi industry but to all industries and economies in general. However, once in a while there comes a project that takes the responsibility of working for the overall growth of the industry. CorionX is one such project – it aims to increase the adoption of stablecoins, CBDCs, and DeFi by enabling interoperability between them with the help of its revolutionary platform. Here we’ll try to learn more about it and how it’s beneficial for every stakeholder of decentralized finance.

So, to get started let’s discuss the CorionX ecosystem products and services first. Right now it’s a simple platform with a wallet, an attractive reward system, and a staking. It aims to support a wide range of stablecoins, like Tether, USDC, DAI, Gemini Dollar, PAX, etc., and allows its users to transact easily using any of these stablecoins. That’s what makes CorionX platform special – one can make payments without having to worry about the stablecoin that’s preferred by the recipient. 

But is that all being done by the CorionX project? Definitely not. There’s much more to it. 

CorionX educational programs and awareness campaigns

Corion Foundation – the nonprofit organization behind the CorionX project – also organizes a number of educational programs and awareness campaigns to increase the understanding of decentralized finance among common people. An example of such programs is its #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement, which became very successful and led to the entry of many new users in the DeFi economy. CorionX aims to see a whopping 20 million daily stablecoin users by 2021, which is why it’s going all out with products, services and awareness campaigns to pull as many people into the world of DeFi as possible.

CorionX token (CORX)

CORX token is the native token of the CorionX project. The role of this token is to act as ‘gas’ for empowering using stablecoins and DeFi. Now the token has been listed on Probit, Tokenizer, and Uniswap, so you can start trading or holding it if you want to from any of these exchanges. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, all we can say is that the CorionX project is very well positioned to grow substantially as the adoption of DeFi, stablecoins, CBDCs, and other similar projects increases among people. The company is playing a critical role as facilitator for all major DeFi tokens, so it won’t be easy to replace it for any other project. That also explains to a certain extent the reason behind its successful partnerships. So if you too want to hold its tokens for long-term value generation, purchase some of them from any of the 3 exchanges where they’re listed.

CorionX Is Scaling The Stablecoin Adoption Globally

CorionX is determined to facilitate the mass adoption of stablecoins, making them accessible for a large population. With the advancement in technology and innovation, transaction methods are changing rapidly. And a new form of money that has taken the world by storm right now is stablecoins. These are among the latest crypto instruments that can transform the way of payments globally.

With the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement, CORX- the utility token, and other innovative activities, CorionX is creating a common platform for promoting the growth of stablecoins and decentralized finance. It supports research, development, adaption, and investment in the stablecoin market by emphasizing its excellent potential.

What are stablecoins?

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency backed with a ‘stable’ value of fiat currencies or assets like gold or silver. This is to combat one of the biggest drawbacks of cryptocurrencies, which is the high volatility of the prices. That is why stablecoins with more stable prices have a decisive advantage.

Stablecoins can transfer money without the loss of value on cheaper, faster, easier, secure, and 24/7 solutions. They have the potential to take borderless payments to new heights. They are ideal for micro and macro payments and are unseizable as well, which means your private key is your money.

Benefits of Stablecoins?

There is no denial that stablecoins are the future of money, which is expected to explode in the market in the coming years. They leverage the first-hand benefits of cryptocurrencies, including transparency, security, privacy, low-fees, digital wallets, and fast transactions. All this without losing the trust and stability that are often associated with the usage of fiat currencies.

Stablecoins have revolutionized the way payment technologies can benefit millions of people across the world. From workers wanting to send money home to major businesses who wish to make payments to employees or suppliers living in different parts of the world, stablecoins will soon replace the traditional transfer methods.

 To spread information and knowledge about stablecoins and the changing trend of money, CorionX distributes utility tokens among members and supporters of this community. 61.500.000 CorionX distribution will be distributed to the community through the Initial Exchange and DEX Offering (IEO, IDO).

The daily users of CORX tokens will be rewarded as an added incentive for the popularization of the movement. In the Loyalty Staking Program, 60.000.000 tokens will be distributed, 2.5% quarterly to the participants and backers.

Stablecoins are decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency, enabling instant and anonymous payment to anyone across the globe. This ever-growing stablecoin community facilitates secure transactions, stable prices, secure independent methods, and a predictable regulatory environment.  Through the various movements and activities, CorionX aims to build a vast community of 20 million active stablecoin users by 2021.