These stablecoins define 2020 performance – Sunriseread
Advertisement Even though Tether [USDT] had been the popular choice among cryptocurrencies with a large fraction of supply share, other stablecoins have all been witnessing growing prominence. Among these was Dai, created via the Maker Dao stablecoin system and USDC. Although the use of Dai was mainly limited to the Defi ecosystem it has been […]

Stablecoins’ half-yearly performance: Will Tether be overtaken anytime soon? – Sunriseread

Stablecoins have become the “staple food” of the cryptocurrency industry as they make the on/off-ramp easier and faster. Hence, stablecoins play a vital role in understanding the health of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This article takes a look at the stablecoin market over the last 5 months and tries to understand the changes, be it an […]

Stablecoins’ ties to traditional finance – A problem for transparency? – Sunriseread

Stablecoins have seen their importance in the crypto-market grow rather dramatically over the past year. For Tether, the world’s most popular stablecoin, the past few months have seen it surge past XRP to occupy the third position in terms of market capitalization. Tether’s growth since its launch in 2014 has enabled even greater adoption for […]